New LS Series Laser Cutting Machine Adds Drilling & Tapping




Along with advanced laser cutting capabilities, the new LS Series Laser & Drilling Machine incorporates the choice of either one or two drilling heads, maximizing its large dimension laser processing cutting station capability–for steel service centers, manufacturers, and fabricators. Each drill head includes up to 6 tools, with 16.5 kW, (22 hp), 4000 rpm machining power per head, up to Ø16 drilling power and M12 tapping power, and a tooling change capability that can be accomplished in as fast as 0.8 seconds. Options include a Twin-Disk double-head cutting technology, a double core fiber system for thick and thin plate, and automatic beveling.

With Driltec Plus, the LS Series Machine combination capability combines the latest in laser processing technology (for cutting areas from 10' x 20' to as large as 20' x 230') with drilling and tapping. This reduces the need for material handling by empowering users to also tap and drill smaller holes into a cut part. With it, users can drill holes up to 7/8" and tap holes up to 5/8". Driltec Plus is now available for all LS Series Machines.

The LS Series Laser and Drilling Machine with Driltec Plus offers other options and features including CAP, Tecoi’s automatic pallet changing system; Icetec, Tecoi’s water misting system; Vibratec, Tecoi’s dross evacuation system; a variety of marking options; and Stocktec, Tecoi’s automatic storage system.

LS Series Laser Machines have a fully automated mobile system design, which is coordinated with the movement of the machine along its entire length. It also features an automatic production control system that enables operators to program tasks along the entire cutting area, while providing maximum flexibility in all cutting dimensions with continuous non-stop production in different independent cutting areas. 

Tecoi designs and manufactures customized solutions for a wide array of companies and industries that comprise a wide range of sectors in metal processing– including steel service centers, steel construction, heavy duty machinery, the oil and gas industry, shipyards, and for wind power. 

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