SafanDarley B.V.
Lochem, The Netherlands
phone: +31 (0)573 222 222

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SafanDarley is the leading global specialist in developing and constructing press brakes and shears for both thin and thick sheet metal. SafanDarley is a leading company that covers all disciplines. SafanDarley has 2 production plants, a head office in Lochem and a branch in Eijsden. The company employs approximately 175 members of staff.


SafanDarley offers the most complete range of electronic press brakes in the world. As the inventor of the E-Brake, SafanDarley has continuously increased its lead and developed its unique machine concept further into a number of ranges: with a pressure force of 20 to 300 tons and working lengths of 850 to 4100 mm.

Featured product: E-Brake Ultra with E-Bend L Blue

SafanDarley introduced the 4th generation of the servo electric E-Brake called Ultra. The Ultra is available in 56, 90, 112 and 146 US tons and in 6, 8, 10 and 13.6 ft. The newly designed Ultra series comes standard equipped with CNC crowning as well as a dual touch screen monitor to create a paperless environment.


The E-Brake Ultra can be equipped with the E-Bend L Blue angle measurement system. The new blue laser sensors offer an important benefit compared to the usual red. Red laser light has an almost identical wavelength to natural light, which means the measurement is often affected by local conditions. The blue light spectrum of the E-Bend L Blue (below) is much easier to distinguish from “natural” light, so reflections and sunlight do not interfere with the measurement.