Fehr Warehouse Solutions Inc.

Fehr Warehouse Solutions Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina
phone: 706/666-8448


Fehr is the preferred partner worldwide for automated storage and material handling solutions. Fehr stands for innovation with 100% process reliability for our bar and sheet stock systems. Fehr is unrivaled with its Swiss precision and the experience of more than 70 years to provide a turnkey solution to our customer in the U.S. market. Fehr’s key success factors are the proximity to our customers and identification with their respective requirements. From a single manually operable storage tower to a fully automated warehouse with seamlessly connected sawing cells, lasers or picking robots, the customer gets exactly the solution he needs.


Honeycomb warehousing system for large quantities and high access speeds: The shelving system is ideal for large quantities of rod and sheet materials – especially if high access speeds are necessary. MORE


Fehr warehouse solutions creates storage solutions that improve logistics and increases efficiency. MORE

Everything is in its place with fehr wms: The warehouse management system supports both automatic warehouses according to the principle of material-to-man as well as manual warehouses according to the principle of man-to-material. MORE


Fehr in Switzerland has been the expert for warehousing logistics since 1949: As a leading innovator, fehr stands for sophisticated and customer-oriented one-stop logistics concepts – in an implementation quality that is absolutely reliable. MORE