MARVELSCAN: Hexagon’s new handheld 3D scanner that scans without targets, without cables, and without limits:


  • No delays: Dramatically improve your scanning speed and efficiency for parts and repetitive scanning applications—without the need for targets, additional tracking devices, cables, or connections.  
  • No complications: Introduce seamlessness and simplicity into your workflows. Just set up the target board, point the scanner, and click. Switch effortlessly between three scanning modes with a simple flick of your thumb—without having to swap tools.  
  • No boundaries: Scan where you want, the way you want. MARVELSCAN is the only scanner on the market that offers dynamic scanning AND photogrammetry AND measurement without targets. A technology you can hold in your hand that scales with your needs.  
  • Simplify reverse engineering: Reverse engineering from physical part to CAD model is vital for applications from CAE, product design, iteration and re-engineering to spare part production. MARVELSCAN produces data for Hexagon’s dedicated metrology & production software to ensure a simple reverse engineering process. 

Your operations run on innovation. Now, with MARVELSCAN, your scanning can too.

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