Greene Group Industries Acquires Assets of Holo


Greene Group Industries, Inc., ("GGI"), a leader in the development and manufacture of complex components via metal injection molding, has announced the acquisition of the assets of Holo, Inc. Holo's patented PureForm™ additive manufacturing technology enables rapid prototyping and scaled production of complex metal parts.

Alexis Willingham, GGI's CEO, said, "Holo's technology is a great addition to our comprehensive offering of metal injection molding, stamping and precision machining. This transaction enables GGI to deliver prototype metal parts, with a surface finish and feature resolution comparable to metal injection molding, in a best-in-class lead time of less than two weeks."

Willingham added, "PureForm™ additive manufacturing technology will strengthen our partnerships with customers by supporting faster iterations through the entire product life cycle, while GGI maintains its premium engineering service and quality performance."

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.