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Product Highlights:


Schröder EVO Heavy Duty

The new EVO Heavy Duty from Schröder is the only folder of its kind. The newest addition to Schröder’s wide range of industrial folders can fold up to 5/8" mild steel and 1/2" stainless to a 10' bending length. Able to form any thickness of material from max capacity down to shim stock with a single tool set, the versatility of this model is unmatched. Multiple gauge options that include a gripping system that automatically feeds your profiles through the bending sequence offers production advantages beyond that of any other method of bending. Get rid of multiple operators and dangerous conditions of handling thick plate, and let the machine do the work.




New Schröder PowerBend Professional 3200/3

The NEW PowerBend Professional is the next generation to the incredibly successful PowerBend series of thin gauge sheet metal folders. Thanks to the superior drive technology, advanced electronic controls, CNC crowning, and segmented tooling options, the PowerBend Professional possesses the robustness, reliability and accuracy to handle complex geometries and difficult bending requirements with ease. At the same time the PowerBend Professional offers the flexibility your company needs to produce short runs and prototypes. With the hydraulic tool clamping device and the optional rotating clamping beam, set up times can be drastically reduced. The result is a considerable increase in productivity, and a significant reduction in labor.




Schröder EVO Center

The highly automated EVO-CENTER with ATC gives you complete control over your bending needs. A single set of 15-3/4” tools that are automatically changed drastically reduces setup times while increasing the flexibility and part potential. Eliminate part flipping, part whip, and multiple operators with bi-directional folding and ergonomic automation. Since material variance has virtually no impact on part accuracies, you get parts with superior quality, and automated operation removes operator influence over part quality, and output.




Schröder PowerBend Industrial

The robust design of the PowerBend Industrial folds ¼” mild steel at 10’ lengths, and 0.196” mild steel at 13-1/2’ lengths. The standard 650 mm (25.6”) of stroke and open supports a maximum tool height of 300 mm (11.8”) creating a huge part envelope. Vacuum grip and feed gauging systems, CNC crowning, dual monitors, and tool positioning lights are just a few of the standard features on this revolutionary advancement in machine design. Bigger, stronger, and more capable in every way but still a perfect blend of performance and price point.




The BÖCKELT TOWER® is the smart sheet metal storage solution: From planning to production and on through to installation, including stock management system. We offer holistic storage and logistics systems individually tailored to your requirements that optimize your machine runtime. When combined with the BÖCKELT TOWER® management software and a transponder system, our solution becomes an intelligent storage and logistics system. Stop wasting valuable labor chasing after your material and parts, and manage them instead, with Boeckelt.