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Ray Roy

Ray Roy

National Sales Manager - Simonds Saw
435 Lancaster Street Ste. 211, Leominster, Massachusetts 01453
Website: www.simondssaw.com
Phone: (800) 343-1616
Email: rroy@simondssaw.com



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SBX GP blades for the Fabricator
SBX One blades for Beams and Tubes
Siclone Blades for Hard Metals

Product Highlights:

SBX GP Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade

Simonds SBX GP

SBX GP’s robust tooth geometry and tooth set pattern is engineered to respond to the toughest applications making this blade highly effective across a variety of applications and materials. This new general-purpose blade features and advanced tooth design providing optimal cutting performance across a broad range of general purpose metals. New tooth geometry, pitch, and pre-honing combine for superior wear resistance and durability, ensuring your team can count on SBX GP as an integral and efficient cutting resource in your operations.



SBX ONE® Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade

Simonds SBX ONE

SBX ONE® marks a significant development for the global bi-metal structural steel market. Multiple rounds of testing, prototyping, and optimization in the field led to the development of a stronger, faster, and quieter blade that outperforms competing bandsaw blades.



SiClone® Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade

Simonds Silicone

The secret is in the design. SiClone® has built-in features that combine to help prevent work-hardening when cutting high-temperature alloys. SiClone® is designed to work on virtually any bandsaw machine, and will keep cutting even when the competition has quit!