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David Veldung

President - Fehr Warehouse Solutions Inc.
4801 Chastain Avenue, Suite 140, Charlotte, NC 28217
Website: www.fehr-usa.com
Phone: (704) 666-8448
Email: David.veldung@fehr.net



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Material Handling
Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
Robotic Equipment - Material Handling

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Product Highlights:

fehr honeycomb - Steel Distribution Center


Optimize your steel distribution center performance, reduce risk and overhead. Increase your productivity level with fehr solutions!



fehr ecosort


With up to 120 picks per hour, fehr ecosort is the fastest sorting system for long goods.



fehr honeycomb for window and door manufacturers


Storing aluminum, vinyl or wood profiles in bundles, individual extrusions or load carriers? Not a problem for the fehr honeycomb. The perfect storage system for window and door manufacturers.



fehr Retrofit - from 6 to 40 picks per hour


Retrofit your existing AS/RS system and improve your warehouse performance!



fehr multi tower


fehr multi tower revolutionizes warehouse solutions regardless of product or industry. Optimal space utilization, maximum availability