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Tim Hoesly

Vice President, Sales - Boschert USA
5170 N. 126th Street, Butler, WI 53007
Website: www.boschertusa.com
Phone:(262) 437-7624
Email: tim@boschertusa.com



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Sheet metal cutting and fabrication machinery
Copper bar processing machinery
Horizontal and profile bending machinery

Product Highlights:

Two-station Silver Eagle Notcher with rear station punch
Boschert’s signature notcher with patented TRI-GIDE technology – a 3-point ram guidance system that gives the machine it’s world-famous precision and durability. This Silver Eagle will include a rear punching station to make the machine multi-use.




CU Profi
The Boschert CU Profi is a powerful solution for efficient processing of copper, aluminum and steel bars. Equipped with up to nine tool stations, the CU Profi accommodates bars up to 20-feet in length, 9-inches wide and ½-inch thick. The CU Profi demonstrated at Fabtech will be equipped with the brand new CNC clamp adjustment system.




Radial 2500 CNC
Stierli radial bending machines bend the material around a central bending pin with a rotating drive. These machines are characterized by their ease of operation, low tooling costs and high repeat accuracy. This is an excellent solution for bending medium-sized radii with angles between 0- and 270-degrees.




85 HE
Our most compact horizontal bending machine, the powerful Stierli 85 HE features a bending pin of 42 mm, inserted 110 mm into the plate. Solid steel construction ensures this bender can stand up to the rigors of all your applications.




220 CNC
The 220 CNC is an efficient horizontal bending machine for a variety of straightforward and repeatable applications. With 220 kN (25 US tons) of working power, the 220 CNC can be programmed and operated via an easy-to-use modern touchscreen display with 2-axis control. The 220 CNC at Fabtech will be equipped with new automatic angle measuring technology that is available for 30% less cost than previous models.




420 CNC WP Hybrid
The Stierli 420 CNC WP Hybrid is an efficient and effective horizontal bending center that delivers 420 kN (46 US tons) of working power and incredible accuracy. With modern hybrid hydraulic technology, the motor is only engaged during operation, resulting in energy savings of up to 80%. At Fabtech, this machine will be equipped with new automatic angle measuring technology that is available for 30% less than previous models.




RCS 170-25 EasyRoll
The most popular Picot bending machine in production, the RCS series are symmetrical 3-roll bending and pre-bending machines for sheet metals. The RCS has exceptional capacity for high thickness sheets up to 39 mm.




This versatile profile bending machine features three individually-driven and infinitely adjustable rollers which can bend large cross-sections, including part profiles up to 11.81” in height. PBT’s powerful CNC control systems keep operation simple and smooth for operators of any experience level.




The PBT Arkus12 is a compact, high-performance profile bending machine distinguished by its flexibility and quality. It is designed to bend smaller steel and aluminum profiles and is equipped with individually driven front rollers that are highly adjustable and easy to move. PBT’s powerful CNC control systems keep operation simple and smooth for operators of any experience level.




Boschert Gizelis
The new Boschert Gizelis ElectroBend line of servo electric press brakes features higher output, accuracy and reliability than ever before at reduced operational and maintenance costs – all while being better for the environment. Ram speeds outperform the competition giving the ElectroBend one of the fastest bending cycle times on the market. The ElectroBend consumes 50% less energy compared to hydraulic models.




The new Boschert Gizelis ElectroCut line of servo electric shears features new technology with higher productivity, accuracy and reliability than ever before. The ElectroCut boasts an impressive speed of up to 40 cuts per minute – all while reducing operational and maintenance costs and being better for the environment than hydraulic models.