Gunar Gossard

Director of Sales - BLM GROUP USA
46850 Cartier Dr, Novi, MI 48377
Website: www.blmgroup.com
Phone:(248) 560-0080
Email: g.gossard@blmgroupusa.com



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Product Highlights:

BLM EN LT8.20 11 19 22

The enhanced LT8.20 Lasertube has a drill and tap module for friction or classic drilling and roll tapping, helping eliminate secondary processes. An adjustable 5kW resonator with dynamic control optimizes performance based on material thickness and assist gas while a sensorized cutting head continuously monitors the lens and glass conditions for wear and dirt. The LT8.20 can operate using compressed air for faster speeds, improved cut and smoother edge.

BLM LS5 high res

Available in power levels from 2kW – 12kW, the LS5 Sheet Lasers cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum sheets in thicknesses from .039” to 1.37”. It comes in bed sizes of 5’ x 10’, 6.5’ x 13’ and 6.5’ x 20’ and is equipped with dual pallets and offers automatic loading/unloading and changeover. Choose either a longitudinal or transversal configuration.

BLM ProBend 04 d 

The ProBend Press Brake comes in the patented all-electric E-Series in 44-276 ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4’ -17’ or hybrid H-Series version in 44 – 660 ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4’ – 20’. These high-precision press brakes offer reliability, high productivity, and are a perfect complement to the company’s LS5 flat sheet lasers.