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Shane Herendeen

North American Sales Manager - Laser Sales - MC Machinery Systems, Inc.
85 NW Point Blvd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Website: www.mcmachinery.com
Phone: (630) 616-5920
Email: shane.herendeen@mcmachinery.com



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Product Highlights:

GX-F ADVANCED Laser Series

GX red angleB

With the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and gas reduction technology, the GX-F ADVANCED Series delivers more power while using less nitrogen. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that automates intelligent behavior and machine learning. This means the machine can learn from data and adjust performance without human intervention.


The BB Series ball screw press brake is driven by an AC servo motor and ball screw drive mechanism. It maximizes productivity with high speed ram and high precision repeatability.


TC322 MMC STD 01

The BH Series utilizes an innovative and leading edge Dual Drive System with improvements in productivity, extremely precise positioning accuracies, and superior energy savings over conventional as well as hybrid press brakes. Our proprietary technology results in greater reliability, machine uptime, reduced operational cost and ease of operation.

PA 135

PA 220

BH 6020 (VIDERE)

The VIDERE operator support system was developed to simplify press brake operations by clearly showing in front of the operator functional process information that is simple to see and effortless to understand.