Fab-Line Machinery, LLC


Patrick Canning 200

Patrick Canning

President - Fab-Line Machinery, LLC
7126 Loblolly Pine Blvd., Fairview TN 37064
Website: www.fab-line.com
Phone: (615) 333-7284
Email: pcanning@fab-line.com



Connect with me for:

Lasers – Fiber
Press brakes—Hydraulic
Press brakes—Electric
Plasma Cutting Systems
Hydraulic shears

Make a Connection:

 Let’s go ahead and set up a meeting during Fabtech.

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Product Highlights:

APHS Hydraulic 220 ton x 13’ 7 axis press brake with Delem 66T controller
APHS Hydraulic 66 ton x 6’ 4 axis press brake with Delem 66T controller
HGL Hydraulic ¼” x 10 foot shear
APES Electric 55 ton x 6 foot electric press brake with WILA hydraulic upper and lower clamping
APES Electric 88 ton x 8 foot electric press brake
BLE PRO 1530 5 x 10 laser with 4KW Nlight power source