Nathan Brown 200

Nathan Brown

Sales Manager - ARKU Inc.
7251 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati OH 45249
Website: www.arku.com
Phone: (513) 985-0500 Fax: (513) 985-0580
Email: info-us@arku.com



Connect with me for:

Precision Levelers
Deburring machines (deburring, deslagging, edge rounding, surface finishing – single or double-sided)
Coil lines
Automation solutions (parts handling)

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Product Highlights:

EdgeBreaker® 6000

ARKU EdgeBreaker 6000

The EdgeBreaker® 6000 is the ultimate machine for uniform deburring, edge rounding and finishing of sheet metal after punching and laser cutting. Whether small or large, the machine is capable of processing a wide range of various materials – if required even oxyfuel-cut parts up to 3.94” thick. Thanks to the rotary brushes, the sheet metal is processed from various directions, thus allowing you to achieve a uniform rounding result (up to 2 mm).



FlatMaster® 55

ARKU FlatMaster 55

ARKU manufactures precision levelers which ensure excellent flatness and stress-relieve for a variety of stamped, punched, laser and oxyfuel-cut parts. Sheet and plates can be leveled as well. Compared to other leveling methods, ARKU’s FlatMaster® delivers perfectly flat and nearly stress-free materials in only a matter of minutes. Thus eliminating rework and making subsequent processes such as welding or bending, faster, more accurate and consistent. Capable of processing materials up to 2.36” thick.