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Nick Ostrowski

General Manager - AMADA AMERICA, INC.
7025 Firestone Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621
Website: www.amada.com/america
Phone: (714) 739-2111
Email: nostrowski@amada.com



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AMADA is the leader in developing new technologies to ensure maximum productivity and profitability of American manufacturers. 

Inspection & Testing
- Inspection/Testing Equipment - Sheet Metal

- Fiber Lasers
- Laser Cutting Machines - CO2
- Laser Cutting Machines - Solid State
- Laser Cutting Optics & Accessories

Material Handling/Marking
- Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
- Marking Equipment - Indenting/Embossing/Etching
- Marking Equipment - Laser Systems

Press Brakes
- Press Brakes (Hydraulic)

- Presses - Punch (Turret)
- Punching - Punch-Laser Combination

Software & Machine Controls
- Software - CAD/CAM
- Software - Machine Productivity Data Tracking
- Software - Nesting/Optimization

- Grinders - Tool
- Tooling - Press Brakes
- Tooling - Punch Presses

- Fiber Laser Welding
- Spot Welding

Product Highlights:

ENSIS 3kW, 6kW, 9kW, 12kW Fiber Laser Series — High-Precision Processing of Thin-To-Thick Materials

AMADA 12kW ENSIS 3015 AJ 575

ENSIS technology ensures optimal beam control based on the specific attributes of the material being processed. ENSIS is uniquely suited for continuous processing of ferrous steels as well as for nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or titanium — achieving exceptional speed and edge quality. The ENSIS Series is manufactured in Brea, CA.



VENTIS 3015 AJ Fiber Laser


VENTIS utilizes AMADA’s revolutionary Locus Beam Control (LBC) to achieve infinite locus patterns — ensuring optimum beam shape control for each specific cutting application. LBC technology delivers unprecedented high-speed and high-quality cutting up to 3 times faster than a conventional fiber laser.

A high-brightness fiber laser oscillator maintains optimal quality of the high-energy density laser beam — providing virtually dross-free cutting of a variety of materials and thicknesses including stainless steel and aluminum.



New BREVIS 1212 AJ Compact Fiber Laser Cutting System


The BREVIS 1212 AJ is a compact, 3kW fiber laser that provides the ideal solution for smaller parts up to 4' x 4'. It features reliable, high-speed laser cutting, easy material loading, and an optional rotary index to process 3D material such as tube or pipe. The ability to maintain low operation and maintenance costs, combined with production-enhancing features, enables BREVIS to achieve an excellent price-performance ratio.



EML 2515 AJ + PDC Punch Laser Combination Machine


The EML 2515 AJ is the next evolution of AMADA's most popular punch and fiber laser combination machine. Combining the unlimited shape cutting versatility of a 3kW fiber laser with a multi-purpose turret equipped with an Automatic Tool Changer gives fabricators the flexibility to work with their customers to create better part designs. The EML AJ also features many advanced automation options to meet virtually any production need.



HRB 1003 ATC High-Precision, Press Brakes with Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

AMADA HRB 1003 ATC 575

The HRB ATC Series is equipped with AMADA’s patented Automatic Tool Changer — making it the ideal solution for variable lot sizes and the seamless introduction of rush jobs. The ATC enables you to achieve even the most complex tool setups in 4 minutes or less. To expedite delivery to North American fabricators, the HRB ATC Series is manufactured at the Carolina Manufacturing Center in High Point, NC.



HRB 1003 High Speed, High Precision Press Brake

AMADA HRB 1003 575

The U.S. manufactured HRB Series leverages AMADA’s industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features. For example, Bend Indicator Sensors ensure accurate bend angles without the need for test bends, and the HRB’s crowning system provides consistent angle accuracy across the entire bend length. AGRIP-A punch holders quickly and easily lock tooling into the appropriate position to reduce setup time by up to 60%.



EG 4010 Compact, All-Electric Press Brake

AMADA EG 4010 575

The EG 4010 provides the ideal solution for producing small sheet metal components that demand a high degree of precision. Two AC-servo motors allow the EG to reach quick approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times — resulting in more parts per hour. The EG Series is also equipped with a Thickness Detection System (TDS) to maintain bending accuracy while processing materials that vary in type, thickness, and grain direction.



FLW 3000 ENSIS M3 — High-Quality, High-Precision Fiber Laser Welder


AMADA’s Fiber Laser Welder (FLW) achieves a high-speed, high-quality weld not possible with a conventional laser welder. The FLW 3000 ENSIS is a complete welding solution equipped with automatic beam focus, a patented rotating lens, and a Teaching Assist System that utilizes a camera to prevent deviation from the targeted welding path. Unmatched weld quality eliminates secondary processes and associated costs.