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Paul Short

President, North America - Combilift USA
303 Concord St, Greensboro, NC 27406
Websites: www.combilift.com
Phone: (877) 266-2456
Email: Paul.short@combilift.com




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Product Highlights:

Combi-SC (Straddle Carrier)

Combilift COMBI SC Straddle Carrier Steel Long Load Resized

Take the headache out of handling extreme and oversized loads with our range of Combi-SC straddle carriers. Ideal for loads such as pre-fabricated structures and more, these machines have a light footprint but can handle loads up to 220,000lbs. Cost effective operation and independence on site guaranteed. www.combilift.com


Combilift Combi C Series Multi directional Forklift Long Load Handling Steel Fabrication Manufacturing Safety Resized

Our first product and still going strong! The multidirectional forklifts of  the Combilift C-series are your solutions for safe, space saving and productive long-load handling in tight spaces. Awkward and bulky loads are no problem with these versatile machines. Don't risk it when handling heavy loads - rest them on the low-level platform of the C-series models for safer and more secure transportation. www.combilift.com       

Combi-CB (Counterbalance)

Combilift COMBI CB 4 way counterbalance forklift Manufacturing Steel Fabrication Outdoor Rack Resized

The award-winning Combi-CB was the first to combine compact counterbalance design with multidirectional capability. A universal forklift for handling mixed loads - and one that will work inside a container too. The multi-purpose Combi-CB counterbalance truck can revolutionize your handling operations, and travelling sideways with long loads is safer and maximizes your available space. www.combilift.com