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Dan Bergman

Sales Manager - Haberle/Ken Bergman & Associates, LLC
10533 Lorel Ave., Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Websites: www.haberleusa.com / www.brobousa.com
Phone: (800) 956-1313
Email: sales@haberleusa.com



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Circular Steel and Aluminum Cutting Saws
Deburring Machines
HSS and CBT/TCT Sawblades and Resharpening

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Product Highlights

H90 Compound Cutting Saw


TILTING SAW HEAD allows vertical mitering 0º-90º to the right side. The vise in place, it allows compound angles with tilted head 0º- 45º' and mitered vise 0º'- 60º according to the 1º- graduations. Quick adjustment by clamp levers without tools. Safe handling of the rigid moving head. Large tilting block for exact angle cuts. Double yoke pivot, adjustable.

MITERING & MOVING VISE allows horizontal angle cuts 0º- 60º. Positive lock by spring-loaded pin in straight and 45º position. To meet the total cutting range of the saw blade, the mitering vise can be moved backwards. For notching and slitting cuts, the vise can be removed and placed to the left side.

NOTCHING CUTS WITH 90° TILTED HEAD: The vise placed to the left side, the saw head can be tilted vertical up to 90º for notching cuts into channels and T-size profiles. The spring-loaded saw head movement enables exact cuts.