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Stephen Podnorszki

Waterjet Parts Manager - BARTON International
6 Warren Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801
Websites: www.barton.com
Phone: (800) 741-7756
Email: spodnorszki@barton.com



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Product Highlights:

Improve the Efficiency of Your Waterjet Cutting Operation

BARTNewWandw LOGO 575

BART® removes spent abrasive from your waterjet tank without downtime. The portable wand slips between table slats to extract spent abrasive – even while cutting continues. It’s easy to use, easy to assemble, reduces downtime, and lowers your operating costs.

Watch our video below to see why hundreds of waterjet operators are using this remarkedly convenient and cost-effective tool, and visit https://www.barton.com/bartgiveaway/ to enter online for a chance to win a free BART Wand.

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Abrasive Transfer Hopper

left IMG 3486 ShadowPressurePot 575

Designed for use with bulk bags, the Abrasive Transfer Hopper holds up to 4,400 lbs. of garnet. This maintenance-free hopper increases worker safety and eliminates the time and effort of handling individual bags of abrasive.

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HYDROBLOC® Superbrick


Enjoy a quieter, cleaner waterjet cutting with BARTON HYDROBLOC® Superbrick.

HYDROBLOC’s unique construction makes all the difference. Its laminated high-density polyethylene layers are welded and strategically screwed together for unrivaled durability. The flat, even surface provides full material support to keep smaller parts from falling into the tank, while the honeycomb design drains water away to minimize splashback.

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