MultiCam, Inc.


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Rashad Galloway

Fabrication Product Manager - MultiCam, Inc.
1025 W. Royal Lane, DFW Airport, TX 75261
Website: www.multicam.com
Phone: (972) 929-4070
Email: Rashad@multicam.com



Connect with me for:

Lasers – Fiber and CO2 Lasers
Waterjet Cutting Systems
Plasma Cutting Systems
   - Oxyfuel, Bevel, Drill and Tap
Fume Extraction/Dust Collection Systems
Downdraft and Water Tables

Make a Connection:

 Let’s go ahead and set up a meeting during Fabtech.

 I have some questions before I want to consider a meeting FABTECH. 

 Print me out and take me with you

 I'm not going to Fabtech but I still want to connect.

Product Highlights:

3000 Series Waterjet Paired with KMT’s Neo 50


APEX 5R Router


Arcos Bridge & Rail Plasma with Bevel Powered by Hypertherm XPR 300


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