LISSMAC Corporation


Tim Pic from FMA for marketing 200

Tim Corley

Director of Sales - LISSMAC Corporation
17 Route 146, Mechanicville, NY 12118
Website: www.getthelissmacedge.com
Phone: (518) 326-9094
Email: t.corley@lissmac-corporation.com



Connect with me for:

Max Edge Rounding up to 2mm
Top and Bottom Deburring and Edge rounding in 1 pass
Deslag Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Parts
Surface Finishing

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Product Highlights:

SMD 335 2 300

SMD 335 REE and SMD 335 DRE

We are excited to introduce 2 new machines to our LISSMAC line-up! New to our Fabtech booth, A4924 are the SMD 335 REE and the SMD 335 DRE.

The SMD 335 REE is built to deburr and provide edge rounding radius of 2mm. While the SMD 335 DRE is designed to chip, slag, grind and edge round plasma cut parts.

Visit our new website to learn more: www.getthelissmacedge.com.