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Peter Visser

Regional Sales Manager, North - Mate Precision Technologies
1295 Lund Blvd, Anoka, MN 55303
Website: www.mate.com
Phone: (614) 444-6283
Email: peter.visser@mate.com



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Product Highlights

Expanded Press Brake Tooling Line


Mate expands its extensive Press Brake Tooling line with new Wila Trumpf Style punch and die profiles including punches with acute, sash, gooseneck and blade profiles. New dies including V-openings and angles at 30°, 80° and 86° with a 55mm height. Also see Mate’s American Precision Style with Maglock®, European Precision and Wila Trumpf style press brake tooling.



Comprehensive Punch Press Tooling Line


Mate offers the most comprehensive range of punch press tooling for every major CNC punch press, including Thick Turret, Trumpf Style, Murata Wiedemann, Thin Turret and Salvagnini. Our wide range of forming applications allow fabricators to expand operations, increase efficiency, eliminate secondary operations and increase machine up time. Check out some of our most popular special application tooling.



Mate adds over 500 laser accessories


Mate has added over 500 new laser accessory products reaffirming its commitment to the rapidly growing fiber and CO2 laser market. Newly included are fiber lenses, fiber windows, nozzles and accessories to ensure all customers get what they want when they need it. All-new, easy-to-use, OEM product specific catalogs are also available.