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Mike Albrecht

National Sales Manager - Scotchman Industries, Inc.
180 E US Hwy 14, Philip, SD 57567
Website: www.scotchman.com
Phone: (800) 843-8844 | (605) 859-2542
Email: albrecht@scotchman.com



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Circular Cold Saws
Pipe Notcher/Grinders
Hydraulic Press
Measuring & Automation Systems

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Product Highlights:

Automate Your Machine


Turn your Ironworker or cold saw into a production machine with no more useless & costly scraps. This modern state-of-the-art automated material system is a programmable material stop that you can trust to position accurately every time! Quality hardware and user-friendly software will help your business thrive by extending the life of this trusty system. Investing in this quality component will eliminate waste, reduce setup time, and increase your efficiency for more profit.




PressPro Hydraulic Presses


Scotchman PressPro Hydraulic Presses are industrial-grade and ideal for fabrication, bending and forming, straightening, assembly, maintenance operations, testing and quality control. The open side frame design allows for material to pass through and provides flexibility to work on the longest work pieces. The adjustable H-frame bed height offers increased versatility. Available in 60, 100, and 160-ton capacities with wide frame and movable table models. All models come with a Scotchman 3 year warranty.



45-150 ton Ironworkers


Backed by the Scotchman reputation of superior quality and dependability, our ironworkers are built tough to last generations. Models range in capacity from 45-150 tons and are available in two distinct styles. Our unique Component Tool Table style provides flexibility to swap-out tooling quickly for those quick turnaround jobs. A wide variety of tooling options available for this style machine. Our Fully-Integrated Ironworkers feature built-in tools and are suited best for repetitive, higher volume projects.



Prefect Pipe Notches


Create the perfect notch in seconds! This Scotchman line of notching equipment is top-quality, perfect for double corner joints, great for high production, and always backed by Scotchman’s superior three-year warranty. The manual and electric notchers are perfect for quick-fit 90° notches. Abrasive grinder/notchers provide the perfect saddle for unique angles on both round and square applications. Each piece is quickly and accurately notched and produces a gap-free fit ready for welding.



Manual to fully automatic cold saws


The Scotchman Cold Saw line is complete with both ferrous and non-ferrous models, manual to fully automatic, and is capable of cutting straight or angled cuts. Circular Cold Cut Saws are the best machines for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. For mild steel and other ferrous materials, this unique type of cutting turns the blade at a very low RPM, similar to a milling process, giving a FAST, precise, burr-free cut without heat or sparks.