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Mark Pepping

VP of Sales - T. J. Snow Company
120 Nowlin Lane, Chattanooga, TN 37421
Website: www.tjsnow.com
Phone: (423) 308-3215
Email: markpepping@tjsnow.com



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Product Highlights:

Chillers1200x1000.png Industrial Water Chillers - T. J. Snow provides a versatile range of industrial water chillers used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and machinery in a variety of industries. We bring over 40 years of experience selling chillers and are a trusted sources for these important but often overlooked process components. Contact us today for help sizing your chiller and to see how much you can save in resources, time and money!

WeldingTraining-300.jpg NEW! Resistance Welding Online Training - Proper training plays a vital role in increasing production, reducing downtime, and prolonging the life of resistance welding consumables and machinery. T. J. Snow is excited to offer online resistance welding training in the form of live, virtual seminars. Seminars can be customized to fit the application of your company. Training includes interactive lessons, video content, quizzes, and a Q&A all led by a live AWS Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT).

Supplies-300.jpg Spot Welding Supplies Online Store - T. J. Snow carries a full line of resistance welding tips, inserts and accessories. We represent all major manufacturers. We also carry a complete selection of resistance weld checkers, water chillers, welding controls, force gauges and much more! Order online at www.SpotWeldingSupplies.com