Spring forward

By Emily Vasquez

Above: The SIMCO CSC-6160 measures 8.86 ft. high and 7.22 ft. wide and represents an $750,000 investment for Newcomb Spring.

CNC coiler increases capacity for spring manufacturer

September 2015 - Let’s face it: Competition is fierce in manufacturing. Most metal product makers aim to find equipment that increases speed and productivity to meet and exceed industry requirements. Newcomb Spring’s ongoing success has been aided with the addition of an automated CNC spring coiler capable of producing a wide-range of compression, extension and torsion springs. The machinery enables the company to process coil precision springs using wire up to 0.625-in. diameter. With its ability to achieve tighter tolerances and eliminate labor-intensive hand tooling, the automated technology has also opened doors to new markets for Newcomb.

The Decatur, Georgia-based, family-owned firm has over 100 years of experience producing compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms, stampings, rings, hooks, battery contact springs and a variety of other metal formed parts. The company manufactures parts using a virtually unlimited variety of materials, including low- and high-carbon steels, stainless and alloys, nickel-plated carbon steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, titanium and other nonferrous metals. While it serves customers in a diverse array of industries, Newcomb Spring often produces parts for aerospace, agriculture, automotive, medical and military applications. The company has created a network of nine facilities in the United States and Canada, each meeting ISO 9001:2008 and a variety of other standards, including ITAR Certification and Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. 

Ron Hubbard, general manager at Newcomb’s Dallas facility, says the company has retained a satisfied customer base for a century because it consistently furnishes its facilities with equipment that uses the latest technologies and manufacturing advancements. The company’s operations are designed for efficient manufacturing of large runs, short runs and fast prototypes of custom parts.

As one of its earlier locations, Dallas has led the company in the purchase of new equipment used for the forming of large wire gauge parts. The company’s latest addition is the SIMCO CSC-6160. This CNC spring coiler’s operations are integrated with spring forming software which allows Newcomb to produce springs with strict compliance to tolerance requirements in a rapid and efficient manner. 

“This acquisition increased our market potential by allowing us to produce large precision springs using very fast and efficient manufacturing methods,” says Hubbard. “It has helped us expand our footprint in existing markets, and has allowed us to gain new customers.” 

Able to form springs using wire up to 0.625-inches in diameter, the SIMCO CSC-6160 rapidly produces parts that would have previously required manual labor. “It’s a CNC controlled machine that offers quick setup compared to traditional coilers. Additionally, the machine is able to store designs—making setup even faster on subsequent orders,” says Hubbard. Newcomb often uses its new CSC-6160 to produce parts using hard drawn carbon steel, oil-tempered carbon steel, chrome silicon, stainless steel grades 302, 316 and 17-7, Inconel 600 and 750, Elgiloy and titanium.

To prevent reruns and rework, the coiler’s software monitors each spring as it is formed. Spring-forming software combined with measurement technology tracks and charts dimensions in real time and provides a 3-D preview for the technician. The machine automatically adjusts to comply with setup allowances as it runs, without shutting down or stopping. 

“The machine’s capabilities and user interface are impressive. The quality of the springs, the repeatability, and the speed at which we can produce complex parts is very exiting,” says Hubbard.

FFJ 0915 bending image1

Tech savvy

Installed last October with a total investment cost of $750,000, the CSC-6160 made the production of many large coil springs as much as 50 percent more efficient. The purchase of the CNC spring coiler from Simco Spring Machinery Co., is an investment Hubbard says was very positive for Newcomb and has “provided more flexibility.” 

With the machine’s automated features, Newcomb can respond more quickly and meet tighter tolerance requirements for many large size springs. “For many years, a portion of these springs were formed using lathes, which is more labor intensive. These lathes are typically slower, so this new machine has allowed us to be much faster and more efficient on large wire diameter compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs.”

The CSC-6160 was designed for safety with built-in shields and various protections. “There are checks built into the machinery’s operations, so if the wire or part position exceeds safe allowances, the machine shuts down–so no one is hurt and the equipment isn’t damaged. Not only does it meet standard regulations, it has smart features that are designed for real-world safety,” explains Hubbard.

Operators underwent training on the new coiler, dedicating two major sessions to ensure a thorough rundown of the functions. Hubbard says the machinery builder sent two technicians to Newcomb, giving the production personnel vital hands-on experience and the results were immediately obvious. 

 “They took our folks and walked them through different scenarios, making different types of springs, and would have them do some of it as if they were doing it on their own.” 

New horizons

Since its installation, Hubbard realized that the SIMCO CSC-6160 was “extremely well designed.” The added capabilities expand the company’s offerings and improve its response times. “Some of the parts that we are making on it now are for customers that we already had and some are totally new customers,” explains Hubbard.

Newcomb has been able to expand its service to the oil and gas industry with the addition on the CSC-6160. The spring coiler “increases our ability to fill that market,” says Hubbard. “We’re also able to produce valve springs with variable pitches. Because of this machine we can  form more complex designs easily and precisely, which allows us to help customers even better than before.”

“This advanced CNC coiler is fast—both in setup and coiling time—and its robust capabilities make it easy to use, even when making very precise adjustments while the machinery operates. We are excited to utilize this equipment in our spring production processes.” FFJ


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