TAB Industries Adds Laser Welding to Range of Metal Services


TAB Industries, LLC has purchased a new laser welding machine. Expanding its range of in-house, custom metal services, the Bescutter 3000W Fiber Laser Welding Machine is to upgrade speed and efficiency and provide consistent quality with intricate, complex welds operating alongside the company's MIG and TIG welding processes. With faster production, the welding department may better maintain pace with the company's laser cutting, fabricating, finishing, and other operations for shorter lead times while maintaining its rigorous quality requirements.

The investment was necessary to meet a brisk slate of current orders and accommodate anticipated, overall demand for welding, according to Tom Brizek, president of TAB Industries. “Our welders have serious skills but our level of business activity was creating a bottleneck in welding anyway,” says Brizek. “We've found from our other equipment investments that we can quickly meet increasing demand with innovative equipment, automation, and software without always requiring additional staff.”

Installed in the company's 44,000-square foot, Reading, Pa. manufacturing center, the laser welding machine joins a string of capital equipment investments as part of a multi-year strategic plan to ensure high quality and fast lead times by offering key services in-house using advanced machinery and technology. Multiple laser cutting machines, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), press brake, pneumatic tapping system, and an array of auxiliary equipment for secondary operations have been added.