New Experience Center Showcases  Broad Range of CLOOS Welding Automation Products


CLOOS North America, a subsidiary of CLOOS Group, a leading provider of welding and automation equipment, has opened a new Experience Center at its new North American headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Designed to support
customers and partners, the Experience Center showcases a wide range of CLOOS welding
automation products and processes, and allows visitors to envision the customized solutions CLOOS makes possible.

The state-of-the-art facility highlights CLOOS automated welding systems, showcasing the advanced technology that CLOOS provides, including a wide range of systems from pre- engineered to fully customized line automation. Pre-engineered systems have a compact construction allowing for easy mobility and requiring minimal floorspace. The modular design provides a flexible, scalable automation solution that can be enhanced and upgraded easily, quickly, and cost-effectively to meet changing production requirements.

On display:

Pre-engineered Solutions

CS-80 heavy welding cell with tandem welding capacity and Laser Offline Sensor to detect the start and/or end of the weld seam offline and automatically adjust to the actual measured condition.

CS-3 system featuring adaptive welding and Arc Sensor enabling measurement and welding to occur simultaneously.
CC-4 grinding cell and CC-4 training cells. The training cells demonstrate a new teach pendant, , and latest-generation software. CC-4 with CLOOS MoTion is a controlled short arc with reversing wire drive unit, which allows short circuits to be interrupted cleaner and with less energy. Due to the low heat input into the workpiece and minimized spatter formation at high welding speeds, the process is ideal for thin plate applications.

ArcBot cobot welding system, a complete ready-to-weld unit that’s compact and portable for maximum production versatility. Users can setup and begin welding with ArcBot within hours of delivery. Smart programming software eliminates the need for robot programming. A torque sensor in each axis allows ArcBoT to be programmed and moved precisely.

Manual Welding Systems

CLOOS ready-to-weld manual welders are offered in entry-level models to advanced
welding systems that are production ready. The Experience Center spotlights a range of stations, from the easy-to-use StarT 406 to the feature-rich NexT 456. In addition to products and processes, the new Experience Center offers modern, fully- equipped workspaces for customer training.

The CLOOS Experience Center is open Monday through Friday.Demonstrations can be arranged by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.