Hennig Power Protection Announces Facility and Workforce Expansion Plans to Increase Manufacturing Capacity


Hennig Power Protection, a leading manufacturer of custom-built generator enclosures, is pleased to announce the expansion of its manufacturing plants and workforce to meet the increasing demand for its products. 

The company has seen a massive increase in orders of its generator enclosures for data center applications. “In the last four years, we’ve grown at a rate of 100% per year,” said Hennig’s CEO, Dietmar Goellner. “We’re going to be in a position where we might be the largest supplier of this type of infrastructure item in the Americas. That’s where we are headed right now.”

Hennig Power Protection has purchased a second manufacturing building and is expanding that facility to meet new production demands, giving the company over 800,000 square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to generator enclosure production. The second facility will include brand new fabricating equipment, including five laser cutting machines and six folding machines, as well as 30 additional large cranes. 

To staff the new facility, Hennig Power Protection will add 250 employees over the next twelve months to the current roster of 550. The company is looking to add employees in a wide range of areas including welders, laser machine operators, folding machine operators, painters, assemblers, and more. The company offers employees competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package, and interested parties are encouraged to visit hennigpower.com to learn more.  


About Hennig Power Protection:

Hennig Power Protection is a leading manufacturer of custom generator and switchgear enclosures for data centers, medical facilities, water treatment, municipal buildings, and more. The company has become the vendor of choice for the hyper-scale and co-location data center markets for a reason: they have the passionate people, engineering expertise, production capacity, and manufacturing infrastructure needed to support this rapidly-growing space. More information can be found at henningpower.com, or by calling 815.316.9900.