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BEHRINGER SAWS is a manufacturer of high performance bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment. Operating as Behringer Saws Inc., the U.S. operations are located in Morgantown, Pa., and are a subsidiary of the parent company Behringer Gmbh, in Kirchardt, Germany. With over 85 years in metal saw manufacturing, Behringer has clearly positioned itself as the technological leader in the industry. Behringer prides itself on building the highest quality metal sawing and fabricating equipment in the world. Their primary goal is to create value for their customers, by continuously striving to achieve the highest combination of speed and accuracy, combined with cost-effectiveness.

Behringer Saws has recently installed two HBE411A Dynamic horizontal band saws at Walter Metals, LLC, an Ohio-based tool steel distributor for Ellwood Specialty Steel. 

Walter Metals, a distinguished name in the tool steel and die steel industry, specializes in materials crucial for die and mold making in the forging sector. Previously relying on four manual saws, they struggled to keep up with bottlenecks and extensive material handling times. 

Behringer Saws, a renowned name in the metal cutting industry, emerged as the ideal solution for Walter Metals. The company's reputation for reliability was already evident as one of their sister companies, Ellwood Specialty Steel, had already selected Behringer as their saw of choice. Not only did Behringer provide cutting-edge technology, but they also presented the lowest total system cost when compared to other competitors under consideration. The availability of an extensive inventory of spare parts and an eager team of technicians further solidified the decision to partner with Behringer.

With the introduction of the automated Behringer systems, the company witnessed remarkable improvements. Efficiency soared, productivity increased by a staggering 50%, and the ability to operate "lights out" became a reality.

The 50% increase in capacity that these new sawing systems provided has not only improved productivity but also opened opportunities for growth. Walter Metals can now take on additional customers, contributing to the fulfillment of corporate goals for expansion and success.

The Behringer Saws stand out not just for their functionality but also for their aesthetic appeal. These state-of-the-art machines are equipped with robust safety circuits, adhering to the highest safety standards in the industry. Reduced scrap, increased efficiency, and the ability to reinvest in the company mean that Walter Metals can further develop and flourish.

Walter Metals' investment in the Behringer HBE-411A saws with automated systems has been nothing short of transformative. It has enhanced efficiency, improved productivity, and opened new horizons for growth. Behringer Saws' reputation, cost-effectiveness, and responsive customer support have reinforced the decision as a significant leap towards a brighter, more efficient future in precision metal cutting.

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