Guest Editorial

Smoothing the sharp

FFJ 0317 guest square Guest Editorial - Whether by hand or machine, deburring can be costly when not factored into the manufacturing process early on


Alloying adventures

FFJ 1116 guest square Guest Editorial - Engineers continually find new uses for metals worked since ancient history.


A strong bond

FFJ 1116 guest squareGuest Editorial - Successfully creating metal-plastic hybrid components means knowing the benefits and challenges attachment methods may present.

An art worth mastering

FFJ 1016 guest squareGuest Editorial - Following step-by-step procedures helps fabricators create high-end stainless steel finishes.

Penalty warning

FFJ 0516 guest squareGuest Editorial - This fall, companies cited for failing to comply with OSHA regulations will receive heavier fines

Get ready

FFJ 0416 guest squareGuest Editorial - A significant metalworking fluid additive may be removed from our toolkits by midyear 2017

Partnering for Hardfacing

FFJ 0316 guest squareGuest Editorial - When end users, OEMs and hardfacing manufacturers collaborate, more efficient results are achieved

Recycling metalworking fluids

FFJ 0116 guest squareGuest Editorial - How to increase profits by recycling metalworking fluids

The unobtainium solution

MM 1215 guest squareGuest Editorial - There are ways to transform obsolete and old materials to suit niche specifications

Cryogenic welding filler metals

FFJ 1015 guest squareGuest Editorial - A supplier takes the lead in cryogenic filler metals, helping engineers choose wisely for harsh environments


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New technique joins tempermental high-strength alloys without changing their base properties.


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