Global Economic Report

Upbeat outlook

American manufacturing is slowly regaining its footing

Global strides

Pent-up demand is leading to manufacturing growth in many regions around the globe

International perspective

Labor, government policy and natural resources are contributing to global manufacturing change

Ties that bind

Mexico's proximity, investment opportunity and relative youth offer benefits to U.S. manufacturing companies

Due east

Exporting to Japan and South Korea is a growing opportunity but no easy feat

Contending with a growing goliath

As China continues its spectacular ascent, U.S. manufacturers must adapt to survive

Italians in two minds over bending machines

Technology makes custom work profitable for sheet-metal products

Eastern Europe: The growth continues

The region holds many benefits for manufacturers, but a few pitfalls as well

Roberts invade Czech Republic

Eastern-European car builder Skoda produces quality cars through advanced technologies

Boosting your moxie in Mexico

Coping with challenges key to success south of the border

Beyond borders

How some leading companies are capitalizing on today

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It's well known that Ford's light-duty pickup trucks donned aluminum bodies, but how'd they do that?


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