Real American values

By Jim D'Alexander

Welcome, Garage Shop Fabricators and friends! We're excited to be exhibiting at the 70th-annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and I'd like to begin by thanking the readers who pick up FFJournal every month. We also would like to welcome those who have never heard of FFJournal, the magazine for metal fabricating and forming technologies. See post rally video here.

People who work with their hands fabricating and forming metal are our audience. Our coverage is dedicated to the individuals on the shop floor who use metalworking technology and innovation to bring ideas to life. We believe in our multimedia approach, which includes our print publications, FFJournal and FFJournal en Espanol, as well as and

From motorcycles to warplanes, rockets, race cars, sculpture and high-tech machines, we're on-site covering the technology and techniques that make these projects possible. If the July/August issue, we're featuring Orange County Choppers' and Siemens' new electric bike. Also, find out how highly specialized technology, equipment and assembly ensure that retrieving and distributing oil is safe for the environment and workers.

Up close and personal
Join the action on We created this YouTube channel to show you some amazing creations from fabricators around the country. Our unique style of personal interviews interspersed with on-location, raw footage lets viewers see real people using tools of the trade.

Log on to and learn about Bryan Stalcup, who fabricated Big Hubless, a hubless chopper; Ken Imhoff, who built a Lamborghini Countach 5000 by hand in his basement; and Allen Miles, who creates wild sculptures from antique metal parts.

Fabricating, forming the future
The success of our country lies in its ability to make things. Although a manufacturing career has been downplayed for years, there is a surge of enthusiasm for doing and building. Both at work and at play, working with your hands is the essence of the American experience and is what made this country great. Innovative Americans have advanced technology and society--from the first flight to today's robotics and alternative-fuel vehicles.

Future manufacturers start young. At home, I'm teaching my children to appreciate hard work and build their dreams with their own hands. And I look forward to the day when I can join the ranks of Garage Shop Fabricators, use my garage for something other than storing toys and learn the skills it takes to build something much bigger than a toy motorcycle.

Ride safely. And stay in touch with FFJournal. Subscribe to the magazine, visit our website, watch and follow us on Twitter. We're committed to bringing our audience the very latest in metal fabricating and forming technologies and the lifestyle that goes with them. There's always something new. Thanks to all of you for continuing to inspire us.

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