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Automation Alternatives is a leading manufacturer of affordable, compact Fiber and CO2 laser Cutting, Welding and Marking systems for over 25 years driving laser technology and automation through innovation, engineering and design. Our innovative technology is distinguished by precision, reliability and flexibility providing solutions for the long term. We can offer custom solutions for less than the cost of an off the shelf standard machine. Robust engineering designed to operate 24/7, specifically developed to prevent service, downtime and costly repairs. Manufactured in North America, backed by highly responsive, top tier technical support.
visit, email, or call (905) 605-9200 Canada or 508 446-7063 US offices.

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Affordable Ruby Fiber Laser for Cutting and Welding from ( 0.001 to ½ in. thick) - available in platforms from 2 by 2 ft., 4 by 4 ft., 4 by 8 ft. or custom with power ranging from 150, 450, 1KW, 2Kw, 4 KW, 5 KW (air and water). A feather touch automatic pull out table facilitates  fast loading/unloading. Vision in over 90 + installations. Single and multiple rotary axes and spindles available for processing multiple parts at one time. Heavy duty welded steel construction for durability and precision. Energy efficient with lowest power consumption and life upwards of 100,000 hours. Engineered to optimize production and eliminate downtime for 24/7 operation.



Automation Alternatives
Woodbridge, Ontario
phone: 905/605-9200

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