TigerStop introduces Dynamic Pack Optimization

January 24, 2018 -  TigerStop now offers a brand new software upgrade for TigerTouch called Dynamic Pack Optimization, which nests packs or bundles of material for the greatest yield. Dynamic Pack Optimization enhances raw material usage and reduces scrap waste.

TigerStop’s Dynamic Pack Optimization optimizes entire packs or bundles of like-profiled material, rather than single pieces. It does so quickly and accurately while tracking material usage statistics data.

“Dynamic Pack Optimization allows operators to achieve maximum productivity. It quickly calculates the greatest number of profiles an operator can load while achieving the best yield and preventing over-cutting of expensive raw stock,” explains Mike Anderson, TigerStop’s Saw Systems Manager.

Dynamic Pack Optimization can be used while processing metal, wood, composites, and plastics in the following industries: furniture, cabinetry, flooring, packaging, pallet manufacturing, fenestration, curtainwall and storefront, automotive, aerospace, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, and more.

Using TigerStop’s patented TigerTouch tablet software coupled with the Dynamic Pack Optimization software upgrade, the operator simply enters the stock profile he would like to cut or process. The operator then enters the maximum number of like-profiles his saw envelope or machine tool can process at one time. Using its world class proprietary algorithm, the Dynamic Pack Optimization software tells the operator how many pieces of stock to bundle together in the pack resulting in the best yield and productivity, while preventing over-cutting.

Yield and productivity are the ultimate priorities with Dynamic Pack Optimization. Optimizing raw material usage means more of it is turned into end-product and less ends up in the scrap bin.


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