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Ursviken is a leading manufacturer of CNC press brakes for sheet metal and plate, that has for more than 60 years continuously improved and developed press brake bending technology. With this extensive experience, the OPTIMA series has been developed to meet the demands of plate fabrication. With ongoing research and development Ursviken is uniquely qualified to deliver machines with accuracy, performance, efficiency and quality as their foundation.

Ursviken Angle measuring and Angle correction feature

Fully automatic laser-based bending angle measuring device for press brakes


Data M LaserCheck are fully-automatic, laser-assisted bend angle measurement systems for press brakes. With LaserCheck, Ursviken press brake can adjust the bend angle accurately, including the spring back. Irrespective of the properties or thickness of the material, the data M LaserCheck enables an exact determination of the bend angle with an accuracy of better than +/- 0.3°

Ursviken large press brake Optima ranges from 400 to 10,000 tons.


Ursviken Optima is a giant press brake for the most demanding metal bending operations, 13.4 feet and up. Ursviken Optima press brakes has features that optimize the bending result, regardless of material thickness and metal quality. Optional Springback Control device ensures that every bend is kept within a tolerance of +/- 0.3 degrees. Optima's features reduce set up time and eliminate trial and error bending, thus increasing productivity. The Optima press brake can be customized to suit individual applications with different daylight, stroke, throat depth and bend length. The Optima can be equipped with light guards or our laser safe feature, and can be equipped with our ergonomic working environment. Ursviken's Optima press brakes can be fitted with material handling/supports.


Ursviken Inc.
Elgin, Illinois
phone: 866/872-4868

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