Beckwood to supply 800-ton triple-action press for Aerospace Manufacturer Weldmac

August 2, 2017 - Beckwood Press Company has been awarded a contract by Weldmac Manufacturing Company to produce a custom 800-ton triple-action press which will be used to form high-strength alloys for the aerospace and defense industry.

Scheduled for completion in early 2018, this robust forming solution will supplement Weldmac’s existing 450- and 150-ton triple action presses. To ensure superior rigidity and precision ram guidance, Beckwood will use an 8-point gib-guided system with fully adjustable self-lubricating graphite-impregnated bronze wear strips, providing the ultimate resistance to lateral slide motion.

A 300-ton clamp ram with a 24 in. through-hole secures the blank material during downward draw forming operations. To further control the material flow throughout the forming process, the operator has the ability to specify the tonnage on each of the four (4) clamp ram cylinders independently. Once the material is clamped, the 800-ton draw ram extends to form the part. A third ram in the press’ bed can be used as either a knock out or a cushion depending on the tooling requirements. Both the clamp ram and knockout ram are regulated by proportional control valves allowing for dynamic cushion control through four different travel zones when used as cushions. Via the PLC, the operator will be able to specify the cushion force for a desired amount of cushion travel.

“The Beckwood 800-ton hydraulic press will increase Weldmac’s forming capacity, provide a larger component capability, and improve cycle times utilizing the PLC controls,” said Weldmac President, Marshall Rugg. “We worked closely with Beckwood to configure the new press to be able to run all existing tooling as well as anticipated opportunities. Weldmac’s experience with Beckwood has been exceptional. Through all phases of the inquiry, custom design, and purchase, the Beckwood staff has been very responsive to questions and requests for information.”

In 2016, Weldmac installed a Triform model 24-5BD fluid cell sheet hydroforming press which is ideal for low-volume, high-mix production of aluminum aerospace parts with complex geometries. With a 24 in. diameter forming area and 5,000psi of forming pressure in a 58 in. by 100 in. flush-floor design, Weldmac’s Triform press offers precision and versatility without the need for special foundations.


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