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Neuenkamp GmbH is a specialized shear blade and slitter tooling manufacturer for high precision strip slitting, edge trimming, cut-to-length, and multi-cut blanking applications. Our market sectors include the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry. We offer special expertise in design and manufacturing of tools with thickness tolerance accuracy down to ±0.000020" while providing the best possible surface finishes to increase knife performance and tool life. Neuenkamp GmbH was established in Remscheid, Germany in 1925 and we are ISO 9001 certified.

Featured Product - Slitter knives 


Our slitter knives are manufactured up to 24.00" in diameter and designed for coil slitting and edge trimming lines. We offer special knife materials grades including high alloy tool steel, Neuenkamp specialty steel, high speed steel, powder-metallurgical steel, and carbide to meet the requirements for every cutting application. Whether you’re cutting hot or cold rolled, stainless, aluminum, or high tensile martensite materials, we offer a solution to meet your requirements. Our knives are available with ground, lapped, or polished side faces. As a standard, our slitter knives and spacers up to 17.00" in diameter have a thickness tolerance of ±0.000040" and parallelism and flatness are within 0.000080".


Dienes Corporation / Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH
Spencer, Mass.
phone: 618/606-0152
office: 800/345-4038
fax: 508/885-3452 /


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