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Mayfran International supplies quality conveyor system technology, no matter your industry or application. From machine tool chip and coolant solutions to complete material handling and solid waste system design and application, there is a quality, customized Mayfran product to suit your needs. With more than 75 years of experience, global capabilities and an unparalleled service commitment, choosing Mayfran means choosing products that boost reliability, eliminate downtime and optimize your operations. It’s quality—built in.

Shuffle Conveyor Systems


The non-vibrating, low maintenance conveyor system that starts under full load conditions

Shuffle Drive Conveyor Systems can be custom engineered to handle challenges for a wide variety of products including paint sludge, steel stamping scrap, die-casting scrap, laser machine cutting scrap, chips and turnings from large mills and lathes, hot forgings, extremely high impact systems, motor laminations scrap, construction concrete waste and much more.


•Smooth operation, zero vibration

•Low maintenance, solid surface tray for problem-free conveying

•Energy efficient

•Engineered to customer application

Mayfran International
phone: 440/461-4100

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