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Formed in 1957, Unist, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly lubrication systems and lubricants designed to reduce fluid consumption while improving operational efficiency in metal cutting and metal forming operations.

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The Quantum™ is a leap forward in Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) technology. This state-of-the-art system interfaces directly to machines giving you control down to a fraction of a drop.

The Quantum™ is designed for complex operations and gives reliable, digital control of your cutting lubrication. When used with a Unist Spindle Kit, you get the full benefits of through-spindle MQL. And since the Quantum™ supports up to 6 independent outputs, it is the perfect choice when using external spray nozzles in addition to through-spindle.

The Quantum™ can be controlled through discrete signals, but the real benefit comes when controlling the unit though its command based RS-232 interface which gives you a virtually unlimited number of MQL rates. You can specify the exact oil and air you want at any time and in any place in your CNC program. Visit for more information

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Unist Inc.
4134 36th Street SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512
phone: 616/949-0853 or 800/253-5462 (toll free US & CAN)
fax: 616/949-9503

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