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Titan Tool Supply Inc. is a leading supplier of optical instruments, measuring instruments, inspection equipment, remote visual inspection devices, and a line of quality micro finishing tools, including Diamond & Borazon Jig Grinding Materials, Swiss Precision Needle Files, Diamond Lapping Compound, Miniature Diamond Grinding Wheels, Hand De-Burring Tools, Polishing Products, and Scrapers & Blades. Since its founding in 1952, Titan Tool Supply has been serving the R & D and Quality Control Departments of Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers, Automotive Industry, Electronic and Medical Manufacturing, Universities, and the Tool, Die & Mold Manufacturing Industries.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Titan Tool Supply’s Ion 4.3 Inspection Magnifier


Titan Tool Supply’s Ion 4.3 Inspection Magnifier provides quality control inspectors a crystal clear image on its hand-held screen. Designed to replicate the look and feel of an optical magnifier, the Ion is suitable for quick and immediate use since it is fast to start, comfortable to hold and highly intuitive to use. In addition to providing a super-sharp magnification up to 14X, it offers on-screen measurements using an integrated XY dimensioning grids with cursor functions. It is capable of recording and tracing one hundred date-stamped images for accurate quality-control records.

Titan Tool Supply Inc.
Buffalo, New York
phone: 716/873-9907
fax: 716/873-9998

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