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Beckwood Press Company manufactures high-quality, custom hydraulic presses for virtually every industry and application including a line of temperature-controlled presses for compression molding and hot forming / SPF. Beckwood also manufactures Triform sheet hydroforming presses, hydraulic ring expanders, hot joggle presses, and stretch forming machines. Since 1976, companies around the world have relied on Beckwood’s innovative forming solutions to increase production, reduce scrap, and improve part quality.

Beckwood’s commitment extends well beyond press delivery.  From complimentary remote support to Preventive Maintenance Packages and system upgrades, their dedicated team of service technicians ensure your machine continues running long into the future. 

Featured Item: Hot Forming Technologies


Once reserved for specialized aerospace applications, hot forming presses are now used in a variety of industries. In recent years, Beckwood has developed several strategic technologies to maximize production efficiencies on their custom hot forming solutions. 

To maintain precise temperature control across the platens, Beckwood utilizes programmable multi-zone heaters which are controlled via the HMI. Additionally, automatic, insulated door systems maximize heat efficiency and facilitate safe tool and part loading by isolating the work area during forming.

To counteract the effects off-center loading and breakthrough shock, Beckwood developed Active Leveling Control (ALC) technology which uses closed-loop monitoring to maintain bed-to-ram parallelism throughout the cycle.  

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Beckwood Press Company
Fenton, Missouri
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