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Dengensha America Corporation offers automotive, agricultural and general manufacturers the most complete line of resistance welding equipment in the world. Our resistance welding product line includes projection and spot welders; weld guns, feeders and controls with consumables, and spare parts. Training and field service complete our single source capability. Dengensha America is headquartered in Bedford, Ohio, providing customer service and support for the US and Canada. For Mexican customers, Dengensha Mexico, located in Leon, is available for sales and service. At Dengensha America, “We Engineer Resistance Welding Value.” By focusing on simplicity and standardization instead of customization and complexity, customers count on process reliability.

Featured Item: Upper Electrode Feeding Unit

Upper Electrode Feeder 2

Dengensha’s new Upper Electrode Feeding unit reduces weld cycle times while promoting faster feed rates. It is capable of simultaneous work-piece movement and weld nut feeding. Other features and benefits include a patented new linkage design that incorporates linear as well as rotary motion, making it capable of feeding nuts accurately and at high speed. Dengensha’s Upper Electrode Feeding unit is also more reliable and has few moving parts. With a simplified design, the feeding unit reduces part positioning and better secures each part. Its slim design provides application flexibility. Only one feed action is required to both deliver and place each nut.

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Lightweight High Force Reduction Gear X Gun:

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