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LISSMAC’s SBM machines for deburring, grinding, edge rounding, oxide removal, and deslagging use a unique and innovative operating method which allows for processing of both sides of sheet metal – top and bottom – in just one single pass, eliminating the need for the parts to be turned over and processed a second time. All inside and outside contours of the parts are cleaned up simultaneously. 

For superior surface finishes and single-sided edge rounding, our Steelmaster machines feature a flexible design with one to five tooling aggregates, in a wet or dry process. 

All of our machines are manufactured in Germany. 


356 Hudson River Road
Waterford, NY 12188
Office: 518-326-9094

Fax: 518-326-9098

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The SBM-XS machine for double sided deburring and edge rounding of small parts is the ideal alternative to vibratory and manual deburring. In the typical SBM tradition of uniform processing on both sides of sheet metal parts in one single pass, this compact and energy efficient machine yields high quality results on small parts from 1 x 1 x 0.039 to 7.8 x 7.8 x 0.59 inches. 

An integrated part flipping device eliminates the need for manually flipping the parts and processing them a second time, and the parts are returned to the front of the machine at the end of the processing cycle.

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