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BEHRINGER SAWS is a manufacturer of high performance bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment. Operating as Behringer Saws Inc., the U.S. operations are located in Morgantown, Pa., and are a subsidiary of the parent company Behringer Gmbh, in Kirchardt, Germany. With over 85 years in metal saw manufacturing, Behringer has clearly positioned itself as the technological leader in the industry. Behringer prides itself on building the highest quality metal sawing and fabricating equipment in the world. Their primary goal is to create value for their customers, by continuously striving to achieve the highest combination of speed and accuracy, combined with cost-effectiveness.

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Behringer Saws has recently installed an HBE-321A Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw to F-1 Firearms LLC. To improve operational costs and keep the stocking requirements from bottlenecking the firearm maker’s growing output, it sought out a new sawing system and eventually chose Behringer Saws Inc.’s HBE Dynamic Series horizontal band saw. Slicing through raw material such as aluminum billets and hollowed out round bar stock is the first step in a manufacturing process that takes roughly a week to produce a test-ready rifle. The company was outsourcing its cut work, but the use of local suppliers could sometimes make it challenging for F-1 Firearms to control its inventory. Read more >

Behringer Saws Inc.
Morgantown, Pennsylvania
Toll Free: 888/234-7464
Phone: 610/286-9777
Fax: 610/286-9699


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