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Better sawing with cloud technology

By Ian Tatham, BTM Saws North America

Above: BTM Connect automates the collection of the band saws’ cutting data and analyzes operations to help staff on the plant floor measure and improve performance.

BTM embraces high-tech applications to make significant improvements to band saw technology

January 2014 - As with any industry, today’s band saw customers are looking for the best quality at the lowest cost. Manufacturers are focusing on strategies that result in greater throughput, cutting quality and improved part life, all of which translate to money saved by reductions in scrap, wasted blades and cost per cut. Often, this means looking to improvements in technology.

BTM band saws are manufactured according to the highest of standards, with special attention to machine reliability and cutting performance. But like any comppany, BTM is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and continues to pursue the latest innovations in advanced technology. 

One method is to collaborate with the innovators. For example, BTM has teamed with MAJiK Systems, a University of Waterloo, Ontario, technology startup recognized for its efforts to improve and build upon machine monitoring systems, to explore additional band saw applications. Together, they have designed BTM Connect, a communication system that establishes a connection from BTM’s band saws to ERP and other systems, providing a variety of usage monitoring and service management tools through a mobile application. BTM Connect is expected to be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2014.

BTM Connect works by connecting with BTM’s band saws through their advanced CNC controllers, collecting the saws’ operational data using the same cutting edge cloud technology that is trusted by some of the world’s largest insurance and financial institutions. The system automates the collection of the band saws’ cutting data and analyzes their operation to help staff on the plant floor measure and improve their band saws’ performance. BTM Connect provides an out-of-the-box solution for plant personnel to stay informed with real-time analysis of band saw operation.

The mobile app includes a Monitoring Center feature that provides real-time information to plant managers and band saw operators through an easy-to-use interface. The feature lets managers view the status of all of their band saws, as well as overall performance metrics such as throughput and cost per cut. Managers also can monitor who is operating the machine and view a detailed job history. What’s more, the app can track band saw operator performance over time, without having to manually track their jobs.

On top of being able to track band saws’ operation and job history, BTM Connect also monitors the machines, ensuring that the band saws are running at peak performance. The mobile app contains a Service Center feature simplifying band saw maintenance. The service center is designed to send proactive maintenance notifications, reducing unscheduled downtime, allowing for direct scheduling of service calls with BTM service technicians, and automatically tracking service history.

Thanks to this kind of technology application and teaming with upstart innovators, BTM’s band saws are better positioned to serve a market where manufacturers want the latest and greatest in technological advances, performance monitoring and improved system-wide communication.

Says MAJiK Systems’ CEO Mike Tatham, “BTM Connect creates a more intelligent machine, increasing the band saws’ self-awareness and enabling them to communicate, to enhance their performance and serviceability.” FFJ




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