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May 2015


Like magic, a fabrication shop’s restoration feats sometimes defy explanation.

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  • Double horizontal tube punching

    A simple and effective solution for punching clean holes in both sides of a tube.

  • OTT-Jakob power drawbars

    OTT-Jakob power drawbars by AME Spindle Interface Solutions

  • The SumpDoc all-in-one portable fluid recycling system

    Eriez HydroFlow video spotlights the revolutionary SumpDoc all-in-one portable fluid recycling system.

  • VKS Visual Work Instructions

    VKS Visual Work Instruction software is a simple, yet feature rich multilingual web-based application used for creating and sharing visual work instructions securely, while improving quality and productivity performance.

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  • The New Power in Surface Preparation

    Pangborn Group Companies: A global leader in surface preparation.

  • 2015 product catalog from NK Technologies

    Current, voltage and power solution guide for industrial and factory automation markets.

  • Magnetic chip and parts conveyors

    Eriez literature showcases cutting-edge chip and parts conveyors.

  • AME has reasons to breath easy

    By using STOTZ air gages to validate spindle interface components, this leading supplier keeps quality on highest levels; every part, every time.

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  • NeoBolt lockbolt fastener system

    The NeoBolt lockbolt fastener system delivers vibration resistance and structural strength with no pin break.

  • HandyTec hand-held metal detector

    The Eriez HandyTec Model HH-10 Hand-Held Metal Detector has the ability to pinpoint small pieces of ferrous contamination in shallow layers of nonferrous product.

  • Pipe belt finisher is ideal for blending and finishing applications

    The tool is ideal for blending cylinders, sanding castings, cleaning welds and fabricating metal.

  • weldcap Bump Cap provides additional head protection

    weldcap combines the comfort and fit of a baseball cap with the full protection of an ADF welding helmet.

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  • American Torch Tip Co.

    We know cutting and welding.

  • Pittman Industrial Marketing

    PIM sells, implements and services a synergistic product portfolio offering their channel partners and users a broad range of technology.

  • Murata Machinery USA Inc.

    Gotham LLC, a marketing agency specializing in marketing for machinery manufacturers, has announced that it has developed and launched the new website for Murata Machinery USA Inc.

  • Striker Systems

    For over 27 years, Striker Systems has been assisting sheet metal fabricators and manufacturers in the production of parts.

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  • Spotlight on welding for metal stamping shops

    Guest Editorial - Eliminate smoke and magic with value-added resistance welding.

  • Focus on four wheels

    From the Editor - We live in interesting times when it comes to cars. Sure, there are options for consumers to suss out. Gas or hybrid? Touch screen or knobs? Manual or CVT?

  • Welding realities

    From the Editor - April is National Welding Month, a chance for the industry to highlight the work welders do in every sector where joining metal is needed.

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