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Mobile, 5-axis coordinate measuring machine technology takes starring role in smart production environments.


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Industry News

  • M.A. Metal adds new CO2 Mitsubishi laser machine
    M.A. Metal adds new CO2 Mitsubishi laser machine

    February 21, 2018 - M.A. Metal, a metal stamping and forming company serving various industries, has purchased and installed a new eX-CFR 4500W resonator CO2 Mitsubishi Laser machine in its Indiana facility. The new machine will allow M.A. Metal to cut thicker material and increase cutting speeds.

  • ECi appoints Jeff Ralyea as Manufacturing Division President

    February 15, 2018 - Ralyea will work with the individual leaders of these businesses to refine ECi’s manufacturing and product positioning strategy, drive greater collaboration across the division, and accelerate growth. He will be located at the ECi corporate headquarters in Fort Worth.

  • Saar-Hartmetall announces improved pneumatic hand-held beveling tool
    Saar-Hartmetall announces improved pneumatic hand-held beveling tool

    February 15, 2018 - Saar-Hartmetall USA has announced the availability of their improved SMA 30-P hand-held, pneumatic beveling tool that features a new and simplified design that allows for easier and quicker changing of the milling head.

  • AIDA-America hires Mason Round as project manager

    February 14, 2018 - AIDA-America recently hired Mason Round as Project Manager to join AIDA-America’s degreed engineer Project Management Team. A dedicated Project Manager serves as a single point of contact for all customer needs throughout the life of each project.

  • Chicago Tube and Iron announces promotion

    February 14, 2018 - Chicago Tube and Iron is pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Langford to the position of corporate director of logistics, effective immediately.

  • Menges Roller completes multi-million dollar expansion

    February 14, 2018 - Maxcess today announced the completion of Menges Roller Company’s multi-million-dollar expansion. The expansion doubles its manufacturing footprint while installing state-of-the-art new equipment.

  • Prima Industrie celebrates its 10-year acquisition anniversary of Finn-Power
    Prima Industrie celebrates its 10-year acquisition anniversary of Finn-Power

    February 14, 2018 - The acquisition allowed Prima Industrie to become a major player on a global dimension, and was followed by a phase of deleveraging and financial strengthening. Today, Prima Industrie has plans for future growth, further improving the important results achieved in both market coverage and product innovation.

  • Advanced Machine & Engineering receives nomination for the 2018 Technology Innovator Awards

    February 14, 2018 - The awards, hosted by CV Magazine, recognize outstanding achievement, game-changing innovation, and stellar performance of the very best in each market, industry, sector, and region.

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  • Apex Machine Group

    64 in. wide edge radius / surface scuffing and de-burring machine processes the top and bottom surfaces in a single pass.

  • Advanced Machine & Engineering

    Advanced Machine & Engineering 50th Anniversary Video

  • Rotary bending from Wilson Tool International

    Bending material without die marks can be a real challenge. Rotary press brake tooling from Wilson Tool is a smooth, efficient solution.

  • Friggi VASOSF Radius

    See how the new VASOSF cuts curves on aluminum, titanium, stainless and alloy steel.

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  • Advanced Machine & Engineering

    The history of carbide sawing.

  • Hilma

    Hilma, a division of Carr Lane Roemheld, is pleased to announce their new edition of the Quick Die and Mold Change catalog is now available.

  • Apex Machine Group

    The new Apex Machine Group TB 1600 64 in. top / bottom machine processes both the top and bottom surfaces in a single pass with 100 percent uniformity

  • Metabo introduces 2017/2018 catalog

    Metabo Corp., manufacturer of professional grade cordless and corded hand-held power tools and accessories, launched its updated 2017/2018 Power Tools and Accessories Catalog.

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  • Kern releases Class 1 enclosed laser system

    The Class 1 (safety enclosure) machine design ensures personnel working on or around the system are kept safe while the system is in operation.

  • MIG gun handles the extreme

    The Lightning Curve semi-automatic MIG gun has an ergonomic N-66 handle that's engineered with special impact additives to stand up to extreme contact, making it virtually indestructible.

  • Scotchman improves ironworker

    The new and improved 50-ton, 3-station turret hydraulic ironworker, model 5014-ET, now comes standard with electric stroke controls and is more precise and accurate than ever before.

  • Apex Machine Group

    January 18, 2018 - The new Apex Machine Group TB 1600 64 in. top/bottom machine processes both the top and bottom surfaces in a single pass with 100 percent uniformity.

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  • Kastalon rolls out new website

    The new site offers a look at the company’s extensive lines of standard products, including rollers, pads, bumpers and sleeves for various uses in materials handling, metals producing and processing.

  • Wilson Tool launches new website

    The new website features a responsive design, in-depth resources to help manufactures and enhanced search capabilities for easy product selection. 

  • Houghton launches new corporate website design

    Houghton has launched a redesigned website at to deliver streamlined access to detailed information regarding the company and its solutions. 

  • Northshore Steel launches new corporate website

    North Shore Steel offers a wide range of carbon, stainless, aluminum, and galvanized products, including structural steel, pipe, fittings, flanges, and plate.

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